Full Service Storage

Storage solutions for your move or extra space needs
Nova Moving Storage Features
Nova Moving is a full-service storage facility. In contrast with a typical self-storage arrangement, all of your goods will be protected and professionally loaded into your own personal storage unit. In a nutshell we do all the work for you…and usually for significantly less money than it would cost to rent space at a self-storage facility.
Nova Moving-Service Storage
Typical Self-Service Storage Facility
Professional crew loading & unloading service
Pad-wrap furniture protection
Shrink-wrap cloth furniture protection
Itemized inventory & computerized tracking
24-hour security
Full-Service Warehouse Staff
Affordable full replacement liability options available
Cost for 5' x 7' x 8' storage unit
$77 per unit per month
$90-200 per unit per month local metro-area self-storage units of similar size
Piano Storage and Oversize Storage
Nova Moving has hundreds of pianos and oversize items in our storage facilities. These items need special care and exceed the size of our storage units. We professionally wrap or crate these items and store them separately in our specialty oversize section. Oversize items include large sofas, tall armoires, and other items that exceed our 5' x 7' x 8' storage units.
Piano Storage (per month)
Oversize Storage (per month)
Storage Access
Items in our storage facilities can be accessed Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM with 48-hour notice. There is a $45/man/hour access fee for the labor to assist you with your storage access.
Summer Storage for College Students
Affordable short-term options make our storage facilities an attractive option for students in Boston. Our warehouse is clean, indoor, and monitored 24/7 for security.
Request a Moving & Storage Estimate or Storage Space
Whether you need a move with storage, want a pick up for your storage, or drop off your storage yourself, the next step is to give us a call at (617) 229-7774
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